• Casting of iron, castings of gray, nodular and steel cast iron.
  • Furnaces, stoves, solid fuel fireplaces.
Foundry - Castings, solid fuel stoves and accessories
About us

IKL –Industrijski kombinat Livnica Guča was founded in 1958, and since its opening until now, the main and predominant activity has been casting iron and steel. On 31. March 2017, the foundry became the property of Progres inženjering doo from Čačak and began operating as an independent legal entity with a 100% share of private ownership. In addition to its main activity, the plant is engaged in the finishing and machining of castings and metals, the production of furnaces and stoves on solid fuel. During its existence, the technological and personnel competence of the plant has changed, as well as the range of products, in accordance with technological innovations in the field of casting and requirements of domestic and foreign markets. Due to the exceptional quality of foundry castings, along its own production, it produces parts and components for numerous manufacturers of furnaces and boilers according to their models and drawings. The foundry is technically and technologically equipped for castings for the needs of mining industry, electrical industry, construction, cement plant, car and tractor industry, thermal industry, machine industry.


IKL Industrijskikombinatlivnica d.o.o. Guča has a laboratory with standardized equipment for chemical, mechanical and metallographic testing of materials:

• spectrometer ARL 2460,
• Rockwell hardness tester B, C,
• Brinell hardness tester,
• sand testing apparatus (condensate strength test, gas permeability test),
• tensile testing machine TYPE Wolpert.
• microscope for metallographic examinations type Carl Zeiss.

The laboratory issues a Certificate of Control EN 10204 TYPE.3.1 on the basis of inspections and tests performed according to the technical specifications of the customer or technical regulations and relevant technical rules. The tests are performed on the delivered products or on the product from the control unit which is an integral part of the delivery.